Thursday, January 19, 2012

Assignment for Thursday, February 2nd!

We'll be meeting again at the Costume Shoppe at noon (unless that's changed otherwise...?) on Thursday, February 2nd.

If you can be in attendance, please bring the following:

One historical figure and at least two sketches-- one of the ENTIRE figure in historically accurate garb (it can be more or less copied from a portait, painting, etc) and one of the figure in a costume of the designer's choosing.

For instance, if your figure is Marie Antoinette, find an accurate historical portrayal (like Louise √Člisabeth Vig√©e Le Bruns beautiful portriats and sketch one (or more, if you'd like) Marie in full historical garb.

Next, GO CRAZY! Sophia Coppola's film version is not precisely historically accurate  from a design sense, and there are little touches here-and-there of costume designer Milena Canonero's unique choices

I mean, you can go even crazier if you'd like; we'll be using the next meeting to look at and discuss those choices made, and what the best approach will be to finalizing and tightening your sketches, how to proceed on media, etc.

EDIT: Historical Character Idears. Try to at least comment on who you're doing so there are no repeats, please!

1. Marie Antoinette (whaddayaknow)
2. Queen Elizabeth 1
3. King Henry 8th (you might be noticing a trend)
4. Uh, any king or queen or regent or princess or duke or, like, whatever. Like Napoleon or Josephine.
5. Hitler
6.  Martha Washington
7. Blackbeard
8. Dr. Jonas Salk
9. Joan of Arc
10. Josephine Baker
11. Amelia Earhart
12. Frederick Douglas
13. Houdini
14. Florence Nightingale

...and so forth.

Saturday, January 7, 2012